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akiraxryutarou's Journal

Akira & Ryutarou
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☆ミ Dedicated to Nakayama Akira and Arimura Ryutarou of Plastic Tree ミ☆


★ Introductions aren't required, but are nice to have.

★ Pictures, fan fiction, fan art, clips, and any other media pertaining to this specific pair is allowed.

★ For any of the above that's not work safe, or contains material that could be offensive, please post it behind a cut and label with disclaimers.

★ All fiction, pictures and fan art must be under a cut as well, anyhow. We don't want to kill everyone's friend list.

★ We PREFER that you keep it all Akira and Ryutarou related, but we won't have a coronary if there's a SMALL AMOUNT of stuff with the other members. It does, however, have to be all PLASTIC TREE.

★ Please refrain from causing or contributing to any drama. Hopefully this community will remain peaceful, but we're well aware how the internet can sometimes work, especially with a J-rock fan base.

★ If a problem arises and you're not able to solve it member-to-member, please contact the moderators.

★ Any theft of art in the visual or literary sense is PROHIBITED. Those who are caught stealing will be banned.

★ Like the rule above, please do NOT post any work that is not your own unless given permission from the artist/writer personally. Always, always, ALWAYS credit if that's the case. We can't stress that enough.

★ PLEASE NOTE: that only members can post to this community. We don't require that you contribute to join, but it would be nice. That's how communities keep from dying.

★ If you have any other questions, comments, suggestions, etc... Don't be afraid to contact the moderators! We don't bite unless you ask!

★ Most importantly: have fun!

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Plastic Tree is love
Plastic Tree is love

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